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  • Why hire Instructional Writers?
  • Protect your company from inadequate training lawsuits by fired employees
  • Increase your bottom line by educating your customers about your products or services.
  • Educate children or adults with excellent instructions that meet standards
  • Teach others with a customized course on your expertise
  • Process:
  • You’ll receive a custom quote for the work you need and a project schedule.
  • You’ll have three rounds to review the progress of the project and make comments.
  • Your final instructional program is delivered and your brand is on its way to success.
  • Call today for a free no obligation consultation or email or text to schedule.

SERVICES – Creative Writing Services Available at High Concept


Develop high quality “needs based” e-learning, instructor led, and hybrid courses, that yield measured not intuitive results.


Design and conduct formative and summative evaluations that support quality “best practices” procedures.


Convert existing training and learning materials for 24/7 access and disability access.